Stop Fighting Over Who Has It Harder: On The Ann Romney/Hilary Rosen Skirmish

Published in Role / Reboot: Make Sense of Men & Women April 19, 2012
Article by Kate McGuinness
There is no way to measure whose lot is harder, and it shouldn’t matter anyway. In the wake of Hilary Rosen’s comments about stay-at-home mother Ann Romney, Kate McGuinness urges women to stop letting political rhetoric interfere with solidarity.

The latest skirmish in the battle for women’s votes centers on whether it’s “harder” to be a stay-at-home mother of five boys or a women who works for a paycheck. This debate was sparked when Ann Romney tweeted that staying at home to raise five boys was hard work. Hilary Rosen, a Democratic strategist, observed that Mrs. Romney had “never worked a day in her life.”

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Lawyer Diaries: Women’s Rights Writer

Published in LSAT Blog: Lawyer Diaries: Women’s Rights Writer, April 15, 2012
Article by Kate McGuinness

Lawyer Diaries is a new semi-regular feature on LSAT Blog where current and former lawyers will share their experiences. The first is from Kate McGuinness, a lawyer with a long and varied legal career who is now a full-time writer.

Terminal Ambition bookLike many woman of “a certain age” (let’s say baby boomer), I became a teacher out of undergrad. That was a predictable career path for smart women in 1970s.

Unlike most of my peers, I chose to teach in schools on U.S. military bases in locations where English was not the language of instruction. I opted for bases in Puerto Rico to escape the weather in the Northeast.

After four years, I moved to San Diego (still following the sun). However, I arrived during a recession and couldn’t find a teaching job. After all, the school district didn’t know the folks from Puerto Rico who’d given me glowing recommendations – as if they would know the sources if I’d worked in Arizona!

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