About 'Terminal Ambition'

Maggie Mahoney wants justice for women at her law firm.

The firm chairman wants to be Attorney General.

Only one can win.

Sweeny, Owens & Boyle sits at the top of Wall Street law firms. Brilliant and beautiful, Maggie Mahoney became a partner and the trophy wife of its managing attorney. Her husband’s sudden death renders Maggie an outsider with the firm’s male establishment and creates a power vacuum.

Obsessed with his dream of becoming the next Attorney General, firm chairman, Andy Anderson, chooses a surprising replacement: Jack Slattery, a reputed sexist. Jack’s background as a former criminal prosecutor hardly qualifies him for such a prominent position with Sweeny, Owens. Maggie suspects Jack has something on Andy, but what is it?

Andy’s ambition drives him to desperate measures. To whitewash women’s treatment at the firm, he trumps up a committee to “investigate” their status and insists Maggie serve. Her discovery of widespread sexual harassment and discrimination threatens Andy’s goal. His effort to hide these incidents forces Maggie to dig for evidence. With proof of misconduct in hand, Maggie demands justice, but it comes at a high price.

If ambition rules, can justice prevail?

Learn more about the people and places in Termination Ambition at www.terminal-ambition.com. You'll find images of the characters as well as their resumes. (What else would you expect from a bunch of lawyers?!). Also, you'll see images of where the action occurs. Every now and then scenes that were deleted from the final edition of Terminal Ambition are posted there, too. These snippets give you added insight into the characters. The first one is Bryce Gives Maggie A Migraine.

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